Welcome to Diamond NDT


      We are an industry leader in providing comprehensive NDT services including NDT inspection, Third party inspection and NDT Training & certification, welder training & certification etc. to number of customers throughout India.

       Diamond NDT is an established supplier of Non Destructive Testing equipment to most leading companies.

       The team at NDT Services including crew members, data analysts and project managers have extensive experience, onshore and offshore.

       Our Technologies is based on the piezoelectric principle, to transform an electrical signal in mechanical vibration. 

      Compare and contrast the differences between radiographs and photographs. Differences in the types and amounts of the materials that the X-rays must travel through are responsible for the details of the radiographic image.

      Our range of  Ultraviolet Lights  has an even wider customer base. The above industries use the UV Lights for NDT defect detection using Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant inspection. The performance of these lights however, has led to new applications for leak detection in automotive engines, sanitation, art restoration, forensic work at crime scenes and the monitoring of cleaning processes in food manufacturing plants etc.
Whilst predominantly trading in the India, we have a thriving export business all over the world.
Diamond NDT  work closely with a number of different suppliers from several countries to ensure that we can offer the best N.D.T. solution for each individual customer.